• Half day excursion on WEDNESDAY (15:30 – 19:30) or on request

An introduction to the Province of GALLURA, and also to SARDINIA. A journey back through time, 5000 years of history in half a day, starting with the gigantic mushroom-shaped rock of ARZACHENA and the prehistoric nuraghe LA PRISCIONA and its village; then the picturesque village of SAN PANTALEO, set between peaks of granite, this little old town still retains the typical style of the ancient villages of Gallura. Then we will go to the COSTA SMERALDA with its capital PORTO CERVO, where we will visit La Piazza, the Old Port and the church of Stella Maris. At the end, after BAJA SARDINIA, we will visit Forte Capellini, which in the XIX century was an important fortress dedicated to the defense of north Sardinia, but now, under the name of PHI BEACH, is one of the most fashionable bar-restaurants-disco of the COSTA SMERALDA.

The Ticket for the visit to the Nuraghe la Prisciona ( 4 € ) is NOT included

380,00 €    from 1 to 8 people