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La Maddalena is the name of the principal island of an archipelago off the north-eastern tip of Sardinia. The archipelago is also known as La Maddalena, and consists of over sixty islands, islets and rocks. In the past the islands have been important strategic naval and military bases; now they are an attractive and fairly low-key holiday destination. The most famous attractions are the beautiful unspoiled beaches, the blue seas and the final home of Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, on the island of Caprera which is united to the main island through a long bridge. La Maddalena is reached by frequent car ferries from the port town of Palau, a journey which takes just twenty minutes. The islands are dotted with old military fortifications and some of these would make interesting sites to visit. The islands’ naval history encompasses a proud defeat of a French assault led by Bonaparte in 1793, a lengthy offshore sojourn by Nelson’s fleet just before its depart to Trafalgar, and a US naval base, closed in 2008.

The tickets for the ferry (around 15 € each with the car) are NOT INCLUDED

480,00 €     from 1 to 8 people