• Half day excursion THURSDAY ( 15:30 – 19:30)

This is a must-see tour around the spectacular granite rocks of Gallura: Arzachena, Palau, Porto Rafael and Forte Cappellini. Sardinia and the neighboring island of Corsica are the most ancient lands of Europe, with granite rocks that took shape in the Paleozoic era, more than half billion years ago. It is in the middle of these rocks that one of the best wines of Sardinia originates: the Vermentino. At the end of the tour we stop at the SURRAU cellar where you will taste one of the best Vermentino wines, together with Sardinian homemade bread, olives, a selection of Sardinian cheeses and cold cuts.

The cellar of SURRAU in Gallura offers an intimate venue for visitors in a unique space, without barriers between the beautiful interior and the exterior vineyard landscape. Feel free to explore with the SURRAU staff who can help guide you in discovering the story of the winery, the secrets of winemaking and the traditional ageing process.

For the degustation of the wines with local products: 3 wines 27,00 € – 5 wines 37,00 €

For the excursion:  360,00  from 1 to 8 people