Half day excursion WEDNESDAY (15:30 – 19:30)
65,00 € for each person (min. 4 pax)
The Tickets for the visit to the Nuraghe la
Prisciona are INCLUDED

An introduction to the Province of GALLURA, and also to SARDINIA. A journey back through time, 5000 years of history in half a day, starting with the gigantic mushroom-shaped rock of ARZACHENA and the prehistoric nuraghe LA PRISCIONA and its village; then the picturesque village of SAN PANTALEO, set between peaks of granite, this little old town still retains the typical style of the ancient villages of Gallura …

Excursion on request (16:00 – 22:00)
75,00 €* for each person (min. 6 pax)
This price includes the tour and the dinner but not the tickets to expos and shows in the town of Olbia.

Olbia is the gateway to Sardinia and the economic engine of Gallura. The name Olbia means “the happy town” and was given by the ancient Greek navigators who used it as a base for their trade for about two centuries, then came the Carthaginians and finally, in 238 BC, the Romans, who dominated Sardinia until arrival of the Vandals, in 456 AD. …

Half day excursion – THURSDAY(09:00 – 13:00)
60,00 € for each person (min. 4 pax)

Twelve kilometers from the glamour and luxury of Costa Smeralda, there is another world, the picturesque village of SAN PANTALEO. Set between peaks of granite, this little old town still retains the typical style of the villages of Gallura. In 1894 the shepherd inhabitants asked the bishop of Tempio Pausania for a religious and social centre and the pretty church, dedicated to SAN PANTALEO, was constructed …

Half day excursion THURSDAY ( 15:30 – 19:30)
60,00 € for each person – Pour chaque personne (min. 4 pax)

This is a must-see tour around the spectacular granite rocks of Gallura: Arzachena, Palau, Porto Rafael and Forte Cappellini. Sardinia and the neighbouring island of Corsica are the most ancient lands of Europe, with granite rocks that took shape in the Paleozoic era, more
than half billion years ago …

Full day excursion FRIDAY or SATURDAY
85,00 € for each person
In case you want to visit them, the ferry to the Caves of Neptune (25,00 €) is NOT INCLUDED

One of Sardinia’s most beautiful medieval cities, ALGHERO is the main resort in the northwest of the island. Although largely given over to tourism (its population can almost quadruple in July and August), the town hasn’t given up its unique character and it retains a proud and independent spirit …

(Corsica – France) SATURDAY – Full day tour
85,00 € for each person
The tickets for the ferry (return tickets are around 48 €) are NOT INCLUDED (… and don’t forget the passaport)

BONIFACIO is a star attraction in CORSICA, drawing visitors from all over the island and overseas to marvel at its medieval houses precariously teetering on the edge of the imposing limestone cliffs. BONIFACIO’s Old Town, with a labyrinth of narrow streets and historic buildings, was built by the Genoese and is a fascinating place to wander around …

Full day excursion SUNDAY
95,00 € for each person
Tickets for the cave Ispingoli are not included

We start the tour with the Ispingoli cave near the town of Dorgali. The cave is dominated by an enormous 38-metre high limestone column, one of the tallest stalactite-stalagmite examples in Europe. In the past it was known as the Virgins’ Abyss, a name with haunting significance, as archeological research has discovered the site was probably used by the Phoenician as a sacrificial well …

Full day excursion MONDAY
90,00 € for each person
Tickets to visit the Nuraghe S. Antine and the Castle of Malaspina at Bosa ARE INCLUDED

The SANTU ANTINE NURAGHE, also called Sa domo de su Re (“The House of the King”) is one of the most majestic nuraghi in Sardinia. The main structure was built around the 19-18th century BC, and the other parts of the nuraghe date back to the 17-15th century BC. The main tower originally reached a height of 23-24 meters, the highest structure for that period after the Egyptian pyramids …

Full day excursion TUESDAY
85,00 € for each person

In the heart of the Gallura, amidst impressive granite rocks, wild “macchia”, cork and Holm oaks, lies TEMPIO PAUSANIA. On a first visit to this city, the contrast between the loveliness of the landscape and the austerity of the granite buildings is striking …

On request – Full day tour
85,00 € for each person
The tickets for the ferry (around 15 € each with the car) are NOT INCLUDED

La Maddalena is the name of the principal island of an archipelago off the north-eastern tip of Sardinia. The archipelago is also known as La Maddalena, and consists of over sixty islands, islets and rocks. In the past the islands have been important strategic naval and military bases; now they are an attractive and fairly low-key holiday destination …