• Full day excursion on request

The SANTU ANTINE NURAGHE, also called Sa domo de su Re (“The House of the King”) is one of the most majestic nuraghi in Sardinia. The main structure was built around the 19-18th century BC, and the other parts of the nuraghe date back to the 17-15th century BC. The main tower originally reached a height of 23-24 meters, the highest structure for that period after the Egyptian pyramids. After the Santu Antine we’ll go to TINNURA, a village of the Planargia region, famous for its wine (Malvasia di Bosa), the artistic weaving and, most of all, because the centre is an outdoor Art and Modern Architecture Museum, abounding with murals and various statues by important Sardinia artists. Finally we’ll reach BOSA, a unique and unspoilt town on the north western coast of Sardinia. Surrounded by beautiful, wild countryside, stunning beaches and coastline, Bosa has retained its ancient charm and Sardinian identity and has not suffered the over-development of some of the island’s beach destinations. It has a relaxed Mediterranean ambience and is a perfect place to go to escape from the stresses of modern life. It truly is “an undiscovered gem”.

Tickets to visit the Nuraghe S. Antine and the Castle of Malaspina at Bosa are NOT included

520,00 €   from 1 to 8 people